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The Valley of Mankind...

Over 400 000 years the Valley of the Vezere was adopted land for our ancestors. They found there natural shelters in the cliffs and the first examples of Prehistoric art appeared in the caves which most are now listed in the "Unesco world heritage". From Terrasson to Limeuil, the Valley of the Vézère offers a protected landscape with both plains and cliffs, steam and viewpoints.

Although the first australopithecus and cousins of Lucy did not come from our shores, the Valley of the Vezere, amongst others, was the adopted land for Homo sapiens, Neandertal or Cro-Magnon Man. Our ancestors quickly learned how to appreciate a special environment with its myriad caves and natural shelters with served as their first dwelling places. Add favourable climatic conditions to this and you have excellent reasons why they chose to settle here definitively.

If we consider that, in addition, the region offered exceptional conditions for conservation we can better understand the preeminence of prehistory in Perigord. Lascaux cave immediatly springs to mind but there were innumerable sites on a smaller scale which protected dwelling places from erosion : Font de Gaume, Combarelles, 100 mammoths, Cap blanc... Favoured land of prehistoric man, cradle of paleolithic archeology, the Perigord conjures up and declines millenia of human presence to perfection, a perfection which is yours to discover in its myriad details.

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The Lascaux cave

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